ApogeeFlow based in Hertfordshire, UK, which  manufactures compact flow cytometers for conventional applications and a new class of flow cytometer for small particle applications.

After incorporation in the year 2000, ApogeeFlow established a strong foundation for its business through sales to the US Army (environmental bacteria detection).

The company has developed into the global leader in specialist flow cytometers for small particle applications: the “Micro-PLUS” model is the first commercially available flow cytometer able to resolve 100nm silica test beads by light scatter and has established itself as the reference system for the study of extracellular vesicles, liposomes and viruses (virions).

In May, 2020, Apogee Flow Asia Ltd. is formed in Hong Kong to serve the growing customer base in the Asia-Pacific region. This is an important benchmark in ApogeeFlow’s development and will provide better support and services to our customers.